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COLOURS are life & the best means to represent & reveal your design vitality. Bold, brave, soft & subtle tones bag that attention & first impression even before the design, content & concept reaches the audience. With increasing mobile users & social media presence, branding & marketing promotions have drifted online following the trends.

Alike starry constellations, colours too, are vast to measure. Exploring, experimenting & creating the right combination of hues can make your designs stand out amongst your competitors. In a world where trends are mercurial, colour palettes too, are evolving rapidly to create new trends & bring in more authenticity to business brands & promotions.


Do you know the most expensive colours in the world are blue & red?

 Despite the pandemic, businesses must stay on track to connect & engage with their audiences or target markets. Any delay or mishandling of responsibility is a strict no-no at this point of time. To keep the businesses running on a smoother note, they need something unique, creative and more captivating. And, that’s where the concept of colours & trendy designs come-in.

 Here are the top 5 colour trends to look forward to.

  • Neon Love:

Neon shades are striking, vibrant & are considered as a hallmark of prosperity and grandeur. From lighting up the dark galaxies to jet black skies, neon backgrounds are a standout even today. This trend is here to stay, and the impact it has on everyone is beyond compare. Businesses who feel that their past designs were pale or need that touch must try to imbue neon tint into their designs. The experience for sure will make you spellbound. Be it, midnight parties, musical nights, fashion shows, rave events, signboards, logos, packaging, even modern wedding, reception, decorations are using neon for their events. However, neons need not be brilliant always. They can be light shades too.

Give that Limelight Effect to your Stage with Neon Sign Trends!

Intensely vibrant & light neons are sure to add excitement to any design.

  • Innovative Colour Schemes:

Isometric trends have been around for a while. And now they have bloomed into innovative colour schemes in numerous designs that can be both flat and 3D simultaneously. UFO green, proton purple, saturated blues and blazing pinks have taken the innovation to a completely new level. Intense shades are best for tech-crazy culture who love all things energetic. The impact feels new, multi-dimensional and enjoyable visually.

Evoke Multi-dimensional, Glowing Artistic with Isometric Trends!

  • The Dark Mode:

Dark backdrops make designs stand out even more. Imbuing immersive elements with a tinge of neon spread creates a higher contrast & makes the design appear unique & striking. Unique blends packed in a variety of shades are the perfect means to beautify the dark background. An incredibly popular model, in web & app designing. Not just restricted to designs alone; today, they are widely employed in creatives, shows, videos and funny memes as well.

 Beautify your Designs in Dark Mode with Deep Accents of Colour!

  • Monochromatic Patterns:

Monochromatic themes are a unique fusion of diverse shades belonging to the same colour family. And, hence the name. The designs are unique in their own way and bring a lot of ease & harmony to the viewers. The trend is bursting with energy. It's timeless & is here to stay. With more growth, businesses are loving this trend and practically experimenting beyond black & white & shifting their focus to more unique colour families.

 Designers can expand their uniqueness, diversity and engagement while sustaining equanimity and integrity. A clean, productive trend that adopts a splash of unique blends to make designs appear spectacular.

 It Just Feels Right with Monochrome!

  • Vintage Designs with a Stylish Curve:

Vintage Designs represent antique cultures. Colours handpicked from the ancient when perfectly blended with the new brings authenticity into the designs. The mix of vintage with modern elements & shades is here to rule beyond 2020. Portrait muted, retro-style colours set up in contrast backdrop with a stroke of bright or pastel colours, little shapes & suitable fonts will make your designs appear better & more interesting.

 It's Time to Give That Modern Touch to your Vintage Setting!

Now as we have covered a few trending designs & shades. It’s time to unveil the true colour significance & the impact they can have on your business branding. Colour theory is a concept where the shades become a bridge to invoke excitement & engagement in your audiences. So, it is essential for all businesses to learn the significance of colours & diverse palates for their creativity.

  • Red: Passion, Love, Anger

  • Orange: Energy, Happiness, Vitality

  • Yellow: Happiness, Hope

  • Green: New Beginnings, Abundance, Nature

  • Blue: Calm, Responsible

  • Purple: Creativity, Royalty, Wealth

  • Black: Mystery, Elegance

  • Grey: Moody, Conservative, Formality

  • White: Purity, Cleanliness, Virtue

  • Brown: Nature, Wholesomeness, Dependability

  • Tan or Beige: Conservative, Piety, Dull

  • Cream or Ivory: Calm, Elegant, Purity

Here are the 100 unique colour combinations from Canva that can help you explore & create better designs for your business.

  • Conclusion:

Diversity in design is quite fascinating, and the unique colour blends & trends assure to accouche diversity, intensity and design. From neon shades to redesigned vintage tones, there’s something unique for every business & design. Contentelix is a content marketing & design services firm that offers trendy design services & SEO-rich content to make your business stand out amongst your competitors.

Modern trends create incredible designs & rich content.

Embrace the Rich Blends with Contentelix!

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