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In recent years, numerous web development advancements have been; introduced & embraced in the name of innovation. The new concepts are; widely adopted for building intelligent products driven by advanced technologies and best-in-class strategies. One advantage of this phase is that it enables developers to foresee emerging changes, rethink their techniques, explore new ways and quickly adapt to the rising innovation.

Now exploring the transformations across diverse industries, we have created the 5 best web development trends for 2024. Read on.

Progressive Web Apps (PWA)

Built with standard web technologies like HTML and JavaScript, progressive web application (PWA) renders a high-quality experience to its users. The mainstream application; is widely preferred for its speedy experience for offline & not-so-friendly network users & is also considered a perfect substitute for native mobile apps. Considering the advantages, today, most companies are delivering top-notch PWA solutions along with offline access & push notifications to create outstanding, immersive user experiences.

AI-powered Chatbots

Chatbots have been around for a while now & are being widely adopted by enterprises for faster operations, networking & issue resolutions. Leveraging advanced technologies like AI, ML, NLP (Natural Language Processing) & data retrieval methods, the futuristic chatbots are replacing the hectic jobs of 24*7 customer service representatives & are providing customers with instant replies & seamless digital experiences. 

Accelerated Mobile Pages

AMP is an open-source project that enables web pages to load faster on mobile devices. Developed by Google, it is now, used by major media companies such as The Guardian, The Washington Post, Pinterest, The New York Times, etc. AMP pages are rendered in a stripped-down version of the HTML language with a different document structure. The main goal of AMP is to provide a better user experience for people who use mobile devices to access the internet, which accounts for more than half of all web traffic globally.

WordPress Development

WordPress is a free and open-source content management system (CMS) used to create beautiful websites or blogs. Developed in 2003 by Matt Mullenweg. It has been under constant development ever since. Today at least 29% of all websites on the internet are built on WordPress. The new version WordPress v5.9 enables Full Site Editing that extends block editing functionality to the entire website, not just to posts and pages. 2022 is undoubtedly the year to look out for WordPress.

Motion UI

Motion UI is a design framework that uses set predefined motions to communicate richly & interactively with users. It is widely used in web design, video production, animation and other creative projects. With Motion UI, developers can make a feature slide, spin, bounce, transition and more. It is highly compatible with all web technologies and can be easily embedded anywhere on a website - title banner, footer, and menus. Due to its ease & accessibility, it is considered one of the top web development trends in 2022.

Web development is one aspect that is continually evolving for a better optimized user experience. Some of the popular other trends include serverless architecture, dark mode creation, native cybersecurity, single page application, etc.

So, if you are planning to build your first website or want to level up an existing one, try these trends and give your users a super classy look & feel website experience.

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